Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Gurkha Titan is a great smoke. The draw is always perfect, and the construction top notch. It burned a bit uneven at the start, but tapped nice and even. One of the biggest selling point of this cigar, and a couple others are the packaging when you buy a box. This particular comes in a cool airplane aluminum metal. I cannot afford more than one at a time so my review will be limited to just the cigar itself. Which is what it should be anyways. The Titan uses aged tobaccos including a Costa Rican wrapper from 1996, a five-year old Nicaraguan binder, and a filler of five-year old Honduran, Dominican, and Colombian tobaccos. The Titan uses more ligero tobacco in the filler (tobacco comes from the top of the plant and is darker and more flavorful). It was a good smoke, but not the best I have had from Gurkha, and especially at $27.00 retail for each stick!!!

The Big Kuhuna was a Big Disappointment. Sir Wilfred had a great story of coming to the islands and starting up a business with cigars since the competition was absent. He had little success and added coffee to his business and that supported him. Unfortunately this Honduran filled and Connecticut wrapper bound cigar burned uneven, there was no pleasing taste, and the smoke was not even pleasant to look at.